I feel so trapped, this pain it closes in on me, it slits my throat apart. Whatever I say, whatever I do its never enough. I breathe only to know that I have no right to breathe, for I am a puppet controlled by strings, my every action an embodiment of expectation, of what is …


A six word story.

Life. One step at a time. *** This six word excerpt was originally written by my highly talented friend, Nitesh Mishra of Sketches by Nitesh in the comment section of my previous post : Morality. Often, random conversations do lead to substantial realizations.  


Accountability for our actions is extremely vital,but we also need to understand that there is equal responsibility on our part for our inactions. We stand morally responsible for whatever wrong that is being cultivated in society, for every time the cries of the victimized go unheard, for every time the flickering spark in the hearts …