A Glorious Sunset.

Another day shrinks back into this thick blanket prevailing across the horizon, another glorious sunset : a plethora of color, a marriage of splendid hue. Sitting on this wooden bench, I see a flock of birds soar high above, across these amber skies, heading back towards an unascertained destination.Sunlight strobes through these irregular branches, and …


A six word story.

Life. One step at a time. *** This six word excerpt was originally written by my highly talented friend, Nitesh Mishra of Sketches by Nitesh in the comment section of my previous post : Morality. Often, random conversations do lead to substantial realizations.  


Accountability for our actions is extremely vital,but we also need to understand that there is equal responsibility on our part for our inactions. We stand morally responsible for whatever wrong that is being cultivated in society, for every time the cries of the victimized go unheard, for every time the flickering spark in the hearts …

Miserably Seen

I see your considerate soul betraying, deceiving, drowning in this turbulent mass of utter rage, feigning ignorance. I see the rectitude behind these broken actions, this unstable conflict. I see the desperate effort to remould, to fit in somewhere between these pages that speak of good, an uncanny perfection. I see your struggling thoughts, peeking …

Chaotic Skies

I fear not the chaos of these ravaging storms, nor do I fear this vehement uproar but I do fear the emptiness that envelops this starless sky, for it is a reflection of the emptiness residing within me.