Before this sun sets.

​So before this sun sets let me hold this moment close,

Let me tear at this angst and replace it with the traces of your soul.

Let me forget what I have been before, the misery that I have lived before.

Let me find myself again, new and refined within the confines of the flawed eternity that this single moment offers.

Let the wind tangle my hair, let it find warmth in this barren existence.

Let me breath my last, in the struggling embrace of this fading hue.

Let me loose myself to these nameless heights, this city that lives within even though I don’t belong.


6 Replies to “Before this sun sets.”

  1. Very beautiful. Well said when some is departing then there are lot thing come to mind to say. But Alas then time has passed.
    Same feeling found your poem. It is heart touching. Only those people can imagine this type of feeling who have experienced this.

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