I found myself alone.

I found myself alone
Under the debris of your expectations,
In between the harshness of your words.

I found myself alone
Suffocating through time,
Tightly grasped by a malignant despair.

I found myself alone
In between the vacancy of consolation,
Under these layers of a paper thin praise.

I found myself alone.
Shredded by the numbness that these worthless paper cuts inflict,
Silently turning to insignificant dust that clings to rusted pieces.

I found myself alone.
Blinded by stagnant voices,
Carrying a heart eternally bruised.

I found myself alone.
Burning in these flameless embers,
Stained by stringent ashes.

I found myself alone.
Standing on uneven rails.
Savouring their metallic touch,
before my shivering soul halts,
before breath becomes stationary.


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