Fading vision.

​Once the lights are out,

And the doors are closed.

Once the eyes are shut,

And the silence prevails.

Once the conscious mind 

is put to sleep,

And the demons flaunt

their broken chains.

That is when masks are ripped,

And the enshrowded misery,


That is when the fire laments,

And we watch it burn 

with fear struck hearts 

and shivering souls.

That is when the cold metallic touch 

overwhelms the panic breathing inside,

Covering it with a coat of regretful red.

That is when decaying limbs 

are held within depressions, 

utterly hollow.

And the souls keep lurking, 

shackled to disoriented situations,

 a greater angst.

Until it all crumbles,

Until the vision fades away,

Melting into the the porcelain perfection

Of pages painstakingly blank.


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