Soar high little bird.

Soar high little bird,
Don’t let these heights intimidate you,Β 
Don’t unlatch your wings just yet,
These shackles exist only to bring you down,
These widening horizons await the sound of your arrival,
Don’t give up just yet.
Soar high little bird.



21 Replies to “Soar high little bird.”

    1. The ashes are just a denotation of the fact that there was passion that burnt as bright as the flames of an expanding fire. And a passion like that does not die a peaceful death, it rises again only to burn with greater vigor. πŸ™‚


    1. Expression, be it any form of art, doesn’t really need nationalities, or boundaries to be able to fit into what is generally labelled as acceptable.
      Sherin, here we are nothing else but an expression, an embodiment of our true humane self and yes, that I believe is a really good thing.
      Thankyou so much ! I highly appreciate it πŸ™‚

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  1. Sorry i was just trying to say about the relationship of countries india and pakistan. To be frank a small unknown hesitation to read your blog posts at the start when i saw you are from pakistan that small doubt, that small fear that border which exist in our thoughts.
    Bisma you are the people who make the difference. i am glad i found your blog. The reason i didn’t hit the like button in some of the posts was because your english is bit tough for me to get as i write using simple words
    kase shuru kiya writing? Aapka family me koi liktha he kya?.

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    1. Please, there is no need to apologize.
      I get what you are trying to say. Honestly, sometimes we do become overly patriotic and thats completely expected because you see, nobody is really safe from whatever negativity and hate that breeds around us, we all fall victim to it.
      But you my friend, really did see beyond it and that is what matters.
      And thankyou for your appreciation. Nobody in my family writes, I just figured my words they were what made the most sense so I started writing, and I have been writing since a very young age now πŸ™‚

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