Untying the knots within my mind

We all see different. You might see these very words in a certain way, from a certain angle but the other person might want to slightly twist it around, flip it up, move a little right, turn a drastic left and then see it, a lot differently. The thoughts that encompass your brain might not be the same thoughts that keep me up at night. The sky might be breathtakingly blue, a way to let go for some but at the same time for others looking at the sky might trigger a certain despondency, an empty hopelessness. Similarly, red roses for most might denote a sense of sincerity , a typical happy romantic situation, but there are a few that might dare to look close enough, to see through the layers of deception : below the velvety petals are thorns, sharp enough to stain your delicate skin with an almost identical red, just a lot more painful.

This is what we call a divergence in perspective, as constant variance in vision.

Recently, Eric Perry, a PhD candidate posted a remarkably helpful post on his blog about how therapy helps with grief and loss where he goes on to say :

“It is my belief that there is no “right” way to grieve. The complexity of human emotions means that no two people can grieve in the same way.”

Eric’s words really got me thinking. If, no two minds can grieve in a similar way, then what makes us think that two entirely different people can share something so raw and eccentric as a reaction? Yes, we might agree on certain things and disagree on others but our reactions are strictly exclusive to our individual self and that is the beauty of perspective, there is nothing “right” or “wrong” about it.

Every point of view, every idea is innovative in its being, it holds a certain elasticity to it, it possesses the potential to expand far and beyond, into the unknown. You never know, how a minute idea might go on to become the next big thing. Though, I believe that might just ruin the whole point of being innovative.

Though there is no such thing as right or wrong but what does exist is a defined red line separating what is right and what is socially acceptable. What is right is not always socially acceptable and what is socially accepted does not necessarily has to be right.

Acceptance is something we all struggle with at some point in life. Society’s norms are too constricting, too suffocating but it is purely upon us, to follow the standards that others have set for us, more like imposed upon us or break free from the typicality of society and fully embrace our individuality.

I’d rather spend an eternity being criticized for what I am, then climb this social ladder to become someone I am not.

Carl Jung once said:

“The shoe that fits one person, pinches another. There is no recipe for living that suites all cases.”

When they push you down and laugh at your failure to defend your perspective, glare right back at them, with your head held high. Let them know that your point of view is not something that can be standardized, let them see the intense determination that you carry in your eyes.

Don’t give into these folds of conformity, don’t loose your perspective, your peculiar vision to fit in somewhere within a world full of misfits.



11 Replies to “Untying the knots within my mind”

  1. As I’ve said it one too many times, emotions are entirely subjective and so are perceptions. Based on our psych, we end up defining evilest actions as necessary steps for betterment of society and the noblest one as the work of devil. Broken perceptions. And if you can see through the veil of social chagrin, you end up being a misfit. So dear Bisma, let’s be proud, for we are perfect misfits. 🙂

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    1. Nitesh, it is really our broken perspective that defines us, that provides a soul to our otherwise meaningless existence, that portrays the amalgamation of complex emotions that the human mind happens to be.And there is nothing wrong about that because as you like to say: ” I am who I am”.

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  2. Agree totally on what you expressed Bisma. Each of us have been destined to travel on our singular life’s journeys..so to suit and accomplish the trail, the shoes and suitcases we choose to wear and carry should never be conforming. Many point out flaws in are choices but I always question whether they will walk even a few miles with me!

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    1. Vandana, I read this somewhere that we face criticism not because of our own faults, and imperfections but because our faullts and imperfections differ from those who happen to criticize us. It is not you or me or our idea of what is right that needs to be altered but the defective mindsets of the people who make hollow assumptions based on their own incompetence to cope with failure.

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