I almost died of laughter.

I’m tired. The kind of tired where you sit blurry eyed at the breakfast table, slumped over your every day bowl of tasteless cereal. Chewing your food, seems to be a task too demanding, too strenuous. All you want to do is loose yourself to the comfort of your warm, cozy bed but you just can’t, so you stare at the unappealing bowl overflowing with milk that just feels too white , and then your head lolls forward, randomly sticking in the air for a moment and , before you know, it lands heavily into the bowl, splattering milk all over your hopes. How cruel is that? Can’t a woman, even sleep off her stress.

I guess no. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get worse, it actually got better. You know that feeling when someone cracks a good joke and though you just want to shun them off because you want to pretend that life is always miserable and dark, but then at the same time you can’t help but stop that mischievous grin that slowly creeps up your face ? And then before you know it you are laughing, not the kind of laughter that dissipates within seconds but the kind when you feel like you have been laughing so long that your stomach hurts and tears collect in your eyes, threatening to spill out ; the kind where you reach a point that you begin to consider the fact that “dying of laughter” is really a thing.

It made me realize that happiness is not something that comes after a lifetime of struggle, but it is something that can be found within the simplicity of a moment. It professionally knocks at your door and then without, very much of a warning it bursts into you, painting an eternal smile on your face.

And its too good ! Its not the “rib tickling” good Β , neither the ” hands on the counter” good but it is the “beating one hand on the table and other on you chest while you spit the water out of your mouth” good.

(Sorry I just had to steal this.)




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