Thoughts over a cup of tea.

I clasped the cup of steaming hot tea in between my limp hands, as tightly as I could, allowing the heat to burn my skin. It burns yet my mind is too occupied, too conflicted to care.I stare into the depths of the tea in my hand as if just that will lead me to the answers that I require.

I take a sip and and the bitterness makes me cringe in a way that looks almost comical. Yet there is something about the rich and promising aroma that tempts me. It brings with it a sense of renewal, awakening in me a desire to do great things and live life for the mountain top experiences that await every single one of us. It allows me to think about all the possibilities and opportunities that bloom outside this fixed box in which my vision is restricted. I am able to escape the boundaries of the “what ifs” and “maybes” and have a sharp and more defined approach towards the problems that surround me.

At first there is nothing, everything is as blank ,as dull as a sheet of white paper but then it hits me, true inspiration, beautifully raw ideas appearing on the piece of paper like blotches of ink : completely scattered and disorganized.

To some these blotches of ink are mere words, devoid of any meaning. But to me these words are the rope that keeps me grounded, these words are what keeps me going, these words make me feel a little bit more happier, a little more alive.

Daily Post :Tea

Picture credits:Alisa Anton


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