The Almost Reality

The river flows with a grace of its own. Among all the chaos , its perfect consistency marvels me. The refreshing fragrance of the leaves and the welcoming melody of millions of droplets moving in perfect harmony stops me in my tracks and I can’t help but close my eyes and breathe it all in. For this very second I want everything to pause. I want to forget everything and allow myself to let go. I want to flow with these calm waters to whatever unknown destination they’ll take me to. I want to leave all the fear and anxiety that constantly eats at my soul, behind and for once just let the coolness of these placid waters caress my skin.

For a minute, I am drawn by the beauty of this almost reality but the chirping of the birds reminds me of the fact that I’m still a traveller: lost and confused, without a place I can call home or a soul to whom I can belong.

The wisps of silence that follow these moments of pure, boundless mirth remind me that this is nothing but another illusion : paper thin and worthless.

Yet, if I wander a little more in to the depths of this “almost reality”, I might find that inner peace and satisfaction that I long for. I might be able to snap this cage of rusting iron, built around my heart and break free from these standards that I have built for myself. For I know ,anything that stops me from walking this road to eternal prosperity is these boundaries I have created for myself. Only if I have enough courage to wander into the forbidden territory shall I be able to make it.

I understand that I might be grasping in all the wrong places and I do realize that if I fall I might not be able to get up, yet I’m clinging to that little bit of hope left inside me, I’m clinging to that part of me that says :

“Not everything that starts unwell, shall end unwell, so put on a smile and embrace each day as if you are the happiest person alive.”

Daily Post:Fragrance


15 Replies to “The Almost Reality”

      1. No not really, I’ve never tried poetry but I’d love to try it sometime. Honestly speaking, I’m afraid I might not be able to do justice to it, considering the fact, how rich both the languages are.

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      2. If you are familiar with the languages you should give it a try and I am sure you too have felt that certain expressions or emotions are best expressed in a particular language. Or vice versa that certain languages are designed for particular set of emotions and experiences and associated with them. Like ghazals are always sad. Mostly 99.99% of them are.

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      3. Ohh thats pretty nice, I can understand that feeling when you read something that touches the soul yet you can never quite remember it when you need to. It happens with almost everyone 🙂

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