Disastrous Misunderstanding.

Over the days, I had grown used to those mesmerizing brown orbs. They were not just brown; they were every possible shade of infinity. Dangerous. Deadly. Beautiful. Every time I looked into his eyes I felt like I was falling, falling into this deep, never ending hole, desperately waiting for the bottom to hit me hard, yet it never came: the end never came. His eyes were as dark as the black, sable night sky but every time he smiled, the stars shined. Every time he looked at me, i felt the warmth soothe my body, embracing me with a familiar touch and remembrance. The playfulness in his eyes was enough to send shivers down my spine. His eyes were not perfect but for me they were nonetheless beautiful ; there was something about those eyes that none else could compare to.

But that day, the comforting gaze, the warmth, the laughter, everything was gone and with it died a part of me that was the only proof of my existence. I craved for the warmth that once wrapped around me and made me feel safe but all I saw was a pair of hard, unforgiving eyes that dug daggers into my heart. Visibly I might have looked okay, but my insides bled and all of a sudden, it felt hard to breathe. The pain, the hurt was too much for me. I felt damaged, utterly broken.

His focus drifted off to something behind me as if I was invisible ; he couldn’t even bare looking at me. And in that moment I knew I had crossed a line. I knew that I had lost him. I knew ,even though it was not my fault, I’d never experience what it felt to look into those eyes again. I’d never see the raw imperfect beauty that lies behind that cold, merciless gaze.

Daily Post:Disastrous

Picture Credits: Allef Vinicius


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